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Smartshoki, Speech to text software service

"Smartshoki" is a service that automatically transcribes audio from meetings, coverage, lectures, etc. using AI. Everyone can participate from anywhere, edit in real time and translate into multiple languages. By outputting the text data in various formats, it can be used for various purposes.


  • January 8, 2020

    Epicbase, Inc. was established.


Company name

Epicbase, Inc.

Founded Date

January 8, 2020


Takayoshi Matsuda


500,000 yen


2F My Hiroo Buidling Hiroo 1-4-9 Tokyo 150-0012 Japan


Smartshoki, speech to text software

  • Founder & CEO - Takayoshi Matsuda

    Born in Osaka, Japan. After graduating from Ritsumeikan University, he started his career in marketing business such as EC and Fin-tech at Rakuten. After that, participated in DG Incubation, Digital Garage Group, and being engaged in the investment business, providing hands-on support for startups, operating the Seed Accelerator Program named Open Network Lab as a program Manager. In August 2017, joined Whomor as COO and became Vice President the following year. In July 2019, he joined Media Do and being engaged as manager of "Smartshoki", speech to text software service, and established Epicbase, Inc. in January 2020.

  • Co-Founder - Takashi Nishizawa

    Born in Saitama, Japan. After graduating from Meiji University in 2011,he started his career working for Innovation, Inc, IPO in December 2016, being engaged as sales of web marketing. At the company he experienced launching new businesses, selling in-house MA tools as a sales manager.In April 2017, joined as a field-sales for small and medium-sized companies. Since February 2019, has been engaged in management as a manager of the outside sales department of the Osaka branch of the company. In January 2020, co-founded Epicbase as a director.

  • Co-founder - Mari Okada

    Born in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Hosei University, started her career at Goodpatch, a design company. After experience in customer support for their prototyping tool "Prott" which supports application and web production, worked as a product manager and managing development teams. After that, she joined BANK, Inc. in June 2017 and experienced launching new businesses, alliances, operating construction as a business manager and a prduct manager. Joined "Smartshoki" in November 2019 and co-founded Epicbase in January 2020.